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Curriculum and Instruction

Harrison Preschool uses the Adventures in Learning curriculum, which is linked to the Arkansas Department of Education’s Frameworks for Early Childhood Education. Preschool extensions of the Harrison School District’s literacy and math programs are used to better prepare students for kindergarten. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to receive a copy of these frameworks.


Classrooms provide learning opportunities through group activities and the following centers/areas:


  • Blocks
  • Dramatic Play
  • Manipulative
  • Stories/Language Development
  • Art
  • Science
  • Sand/Water Play
  • Music


Each week also features lessons designed around a specific subject. 

Special Education

All students will receive hearing, vision, speech and developmental screenings within 45 days of enrollment. The results will be shared with the parents. When appropriate, referral for special education services will be considered. Students who enroll at Harrison Preschool with a current educational plan will be referred to the Special Education staff for a review of continued services.


In addition to the work done at Harrison Preschool, the Harrison Early Childhood Services staff provides a variety of services, including screenings, for eligible children ages 3-5 who live in the Harrison School District. Click or tap here for more information

Outdoor Play

State regulations for licensed Child Care facilities state children should participate in outdoor play for at least one hour each day.  Harrison Preschool will meet this requirement every day, weather permitting. Please ensure your child wears appropriate clothing for the weather.


Rest Time

Licensing standards require a rest period of at least one hour each day. All children who are at Preschool during rest time will be expected to rest quietly so that children wanting to sleep may do so.

Special Health Care Needs

When a student has been identified as having special health care needs, the Preschool Coordinator will arrange a meeting with the parent/guardian and the school nurse. This healthcare team will discuss safe and appropriate services and personnel necessary for the student to attend school in the least restrictive environment. School staff with direct interaction with the student will be educated about the student’s condition and specialized medical needs, so they can plan an appropriate program and ensure a safe environment.